Bead With Reed School Partners

The School Partnership program places bead kit in classrooms to teach job skills. 
By using bead kits, students learn how to...
MAKE a product
BUILD a small business
TELL customers about their jewelry
SELL it to raise money for their classroom! 
To date, the Bead With Reed Project has impacted...
2 classroom 
2 cites (Atlanta and Denver)
15 special education students
20 pairs of earrings
$400 raised for schools
With great success, Ms. Collin's special education class piloted with Bead With Reed School Partnership program at Riverwood High School in Atlanta, Georgia in Fall 2020. We are so excited to announce our second class partner launching January 2021 - Ms. Vik's special education transition class in Denver, Colorado.
The Story
The Bead With Reed School Partnership is an initiative of Made by J. Reed. As a former special education teacher, Jordan Reed saw that not many career options were available for her students. People with disabilities need jobs that are, easy to learn, have a competitive market value, and high flexibilityAnd jewelry design a perfect fit! 
Here's why...
- Jewelry making is an easy-to-learn skill.
- The jewelry market is a $28 billion dollar industry
- Side-hustles an entrepreneurship has incredible benefits for people with disabilities, including setting their own schedule, supports, and accommodations.
Once Jordan saw jewelry making as a solution, she set out to make this career path as accessible as possible.
Bead With Read Project at Riverwood High School
Ms. Collins and a student at Riverwood High School hold up their beads. Ms. Collins class piloted the Bead With Reed Project.
Interested in becoming a School Partner? Email Jordan at for a School Partnership Application.